Upcoming event: 28th January: Workshop on language skills for bilingual children

Dear All,

Happy New Year. We’re really excited about our January meeting. We’ve invited some linguistic experts to talk to us about language skills for bilingual children.

Please join us for the workshop being run on behalf of UCL BiLingo (www.ucl.ac.uk/bi-multilingualism). Dr Merle Mahon, a speech and language therapist with research expertise in English as an Additional Language, and Dr Froso Argyri, Linguistics researcher, will discuss language development of bilingual children; factors affecting bilingual language acquisition; role of age of onset and amount of exposure to each language, etc. They will also share useful tips/suggestions with parents to develop their children’s language skills.

Please note that we’re also hosting this meeting on a Saturday afternoon, rather than the normal Wednesday evening. It is also being held at The Hill pub for the first time. Hope you can make it!

Saturday 28 January 2017 
12-1:30pm, function room at The Hill (45-47 Dartmouth Road, London, SE23 3HN)

Please join us for a great session!


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